Monday, January 25, 2016

ILNP ~ Mega (L)

How are we all doing? Probably in bed lol! I got my first ILNP polish in the mail today!! I was so excited when I saw that it was available on! I only had enough money to get this one thing because I had gotten a few other things for an upcoming giveaway! I don't want to announce it until I have the stuff in hand but it will be a must to follow my Blog, IG, Facebook, and Twitter so make sure you do all that ahead of time!! If you check my IG, there is a picture of a Sally Hansen polish and in the caption I have listed some of the prize ;) I absolutely needed to get myself this ILNP. I have a thing for silver holo polishes. Especially if it can stamp. I have not tested that yet but I will. For my swatch of Mega(L), I used 3 thin coats and my trusty HKGirl top coat. The L means the holo is linear. They also offer Mega in a scattered holo form. Mega(L) has such a smooth formula. The actual holo particle is so fine that's its all seamless. Its like I poured rainbow on my nails. I am so very happy with this polish. The packaging was like it was sent from a really close friend. So pretty and colorful. Not sure when, but I will definitely be going back for more ILNP.


Let me know what your favorite ILNP polishes are and which ones I need the most! Links below!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Polish Addict Nail Color ~ Pretty Poison

Hi everyone! I did have a different polish for you today but I realized that the whole post would have been a complaint. Im not really sure how to approach the situation so I opted to bring you an awesome review instead!! If you follow my Instagram, then you already know that I recently bought Pretty Poison from PANC. And you also know I love it! Seriously. I have drooled over this polish since the first time I saw it. Only having 1 income really hurts my indie budget so when I saw that Laura added it to her last chance bin I had to fly! And because it was during the holidays I also got an extra 10% off of that!! Did I mention that this polish is a thermal? With shipping included it was less then $6.50! I am a little sad to say that the thermal does not work for me :( It came in the mail such a beautiful pink color because its cold outside. I let it sit for a day to warm up properly then I swatched it. I tried to take pics with the transition but even in ice water it just stayed white. That is actually fine with me because I love it so much either way! I am so super happy I got to get his before it was gone forever! This is 3 thin coats with HKGirl top coat.

Pretty Poison macro.
Do you have this polish? I would love to see your swatches or nail art using it! Let me know in the comments how to find your pics! Links below!!
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Friday, January 15, 2016

SinfulShine ~ Shining Couture

FRIDAY!! Any good plans for the weekend? I will be doing absolutely nothing. Boring adulthood...  Today I am bringing you a quick swatch from SinfulColors SinfulShine line. Just to put it out there, SinfulColors and SinfulShine do not have spaces between the words. I don't know why but I have swatched for the company and they specifically asked for it to spelled that way. The polish I have today is called Shining Couture. I received this for free for testing purposes from PINCHme. They are a sample testing site that I use often. I get things from polish and lotion, to deodorant and cat food! All they ask in return is an honest review. Easy peasy. I was also given the Step 2 which is the SinfulShine top coat. This line of polishes is supposed to have the gel like finish but without the light usually needed for gel nails. I really didn't see any difference from my HKGirl topcoat. They are both very shiny. That is where the similarities stop though. It is not fast drying at all! I cant say much about lasting power because no polish has lasting power on these hands lol! As far as the actual polish, it also wasn't very special. Very pretty but nothing about it stands out. It is a deep blue jelly polish with huge amounts of gold micro flakies. So much so that it leans green. My swatch is 3 thin coats with Step 2 top coat.

Shining Couture macro. This shows a visible nail line but in person you couldn't see this at all.
So what do you think? I am still unsure of this line. I will have to try more to form a fair opinion. SinfulColors are available almost everywhere! Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreen's, Rite Aid, etc. Let me know in the comments what color from this line I should get next!! Have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Glisten & Glow ~ Ball Lightning

Hump day!!! Today I bring you the last of the 3 polishes I received in my grab bag purchase recently. Ball Lightning is a blurple-y linear holo polish from Glisten & Glow. It is super opaque! As always I use no less than 2 coats but this wouldn't require the second coat if you are careful. This was a part of the December Holo Hookup box that I talked about in my last post. Maybe I will hit that powerball and finally grab one of the Holo Hookup boxes lol!! I have a blanket to go make so lets get to the polish. Ball Lightning in 2 coats with HKGirl top coat.

Not the best lighting but it was the best macro of Ball Lightning I got.
Don't worry if you have not gotten in on the holo action! There is a new box every month so be on the lookout! Links below!
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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

DIFFERENT dimension ~ I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I have another of the 3 polishes from the grab bag I told you about yesterday. This one is from DIFFERENT dimension and is just as amazing as Netflix & Chill. This polish was a part of the first Holo Hookup box. This is a monthly box that includes four themed holographic polishes. The makers included are Glisten & Glow, DIFFERENT dimension, and Cupcake Polish. They are permanent and they feature a 4th indie in each box. The boxes are $40 plus shipping and each polish is exclusive to that box. The box that I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller is from is the November 90's hip hop themed box and is sadly not available now. Just a little fun fact: I heard this song totally randomly on my iTunes radio today!! My youth was spent in the 90's so this is the shiz! I loved the song and I love the polish. Purple mega holo!!! With a perfect buttery formula that could be a 1 coater you really cant go wrong. If you like thicker polish coats this is definitely a 1 coater. I did 2 coats with my HKGirl top coat.

I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller macro.
Isn't this just gorgeous?! This is my favorite of the 3 I got! Would you like to see the 3rd today or wait until tomorrow? Let me know in the comments! Also, make sure you give DIFFERENT dimension a look. Links below!!
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Monday, January 11, 2016

Glisten & Glow ~ Netflix & Chill

Good morning! I wanted to drop a post real quick to cheer you up on a Monday! Will an ultra holo polish work? Thought so :) I put a video on Instagram of a few polishes I got in a grab bag recently. One of the polishes included was Netflix & Chill from Glisten & Glow. I'm sure you all know by now that they have the worlds best shiny, fast drying top coat. I use it all the time and have just sworn off all others, period! Jill, the owner and creator of Glisten & Glow, doesn't disappoint with polish either! I have drooled for so long over her polishes! But being a stay at home wife, I don't get to buy polish often. So for me the grab bag was perfect. I was about to order just a single bottle of top coat when I saw the grab bag listing. $25 for the top coat and 3 mystery polishes. They could range from drugstore brands to indie brands. I got super lucky and ended up with 3 indie polishes; 2 from Jill herself!! I cant say enough good things!! Did I mention we both live in CT?!?! Anywho, this one is just gorgeous. Not quite sure how to describe it. Its like a really dark brown leaning fig color. I think. Its hard to tell all I can see is the rainbow holo flair LOL! And formula is out of this world! This polish was a black Friday exclusive and is sadly no longer available. But If you ever see it in a destash jump on it. It is worth every penny!!

2 coats of Netflix & Chill with HKGirl topcoat.
2 coats of Netflix & Chill with HKGirl topcoat.

Netflix & Chill macro.
Make sure you check out Glisten & Glow's shop! There are plenty of ultra holo polishes and so much more! Links below!! I hope this holo picked up your Monday :)
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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Level Up Lacquer ~ The Loot Collection

Hi again! Tonight I bring you another wonderful collection from Level Up Lacquer! This one is The Loot collection and it is jam packed with bling!! Ill keep this post short since the last one was a reader.

First up is Common. Common is an emerald green base with holo and small square green glitters. It is unreal. It would be opaque in 2 coats but I did use 3 thin coats for added glitter and depth. LOVE!
Bottle macro.

This one right here is Rare. It is a cross between an electric blue and an ocean blue. Gorgeous! Rare has blue holo glitters and tiny shards. Super smooth and totally opaque in 3 thin coats. Definitely not something I have ever seen before!!

Bottle macro.
This one is hands down my favorite of the set. I LOVE PURPLE POLISH! And Epic is exactly that!! Super stunner. Its a purple jelly base with tons of purple and silver glitters. Totally drool worthy. This swatch is 3 thin coats with top coat.

Bottle macro.
Lastly we have Vendor Trash. This is a very universal glitter topper. It has white and grey glitters with holo dust so it will match any color you want to pair it with. I chose to use 1 coat of Vendor Trash over O.P.I's Mod About You. It adds the perfect amount of holo sparkle to jazz up any crème polish.

Bottle macro.
In my opinion this is a must have collection. Not sure I have ever seen anything like any of these polishes. Obviously my favorite is the purple lol. Definitely see myself using these very often. These polishes are $9.25 each or $35.00(on sale) for the whole set. It is way more than worth it so grab it while you can! Links below!
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Level Up Lacquer ~ Star Wars Collection

 Happy Saturday!! Today I have for you a rebranded indie polish. Level Up Lacquer used to be Daring Digits! The owner, Ash, specializes in nerdy type polish and extras. For this post I will be showing you 4 out of 5 polishes from the Star Wars collection. I received this and another collection to swatch and was super happy to see that she sent me all full sized bottles! Thanks so much Ash <3 Turns out I needed it lol. I had them almost all swatched but for Christmas I got a new Ottlite! I was so excited so I asked Ash if she minded that I start over with a better light. Thankfully she didn't give me a time constraint because I swatched and tried different lighting setups for over a week before I was happy enough with the outcome. And even now I know it could use improvements! Sorry for the long intro but its my blog right! This is how we connect and build a rapport! So, Polish!!!! This collection has a little of everything; jelly, crelly, holo, and glitter!

 Lets check out The Dark Side first. This polish is a black jelly filled with black and red holographic glitters and an awesome purple shimmer. For me the shimmer even showed goldish green in some light. I could not get over the amount of holo in this polish. It was near impossible to get a picture that showed the glitters without a rainbow. The formula on this, and all of the polishes, is perfect. It applied itself! I used 3 coats and Glisten & Glow HKGirl top coat. It layered beautifully and the glitters didn't clump or drag at all. So much depth!

Bottle macro.
Next is Artoo. This is a white crelly with blue hexes and squares and silver holo circle glitters. It also has a fine holo dust in it. No glitter fishing at all. A super smooth formula that was opaque in 3 thin coats with top coat.

Bottle macro.
BB-8 is a glitter topper in a clear base. It has tiny white glitters, orange and silver hexes, and white squares. The orange glitters are holo and it gives such an awesome spark to the polish. I didn't have to fish for glitter but I do suggest leaving the bottle upside down while getting your base color on. I used an un named Bonita polish for my base with one smooth coat of BB-8. All topped with my HKGirl.
* I did use 2 coats on my ring and pinky fingers just to show the build up!

Bottle macro.
I saved my favorite for last! This is Captain Phasma, a grey linear holo polish with a gold shimmer. The shop description does not say gold shimmer but it totally looks like there is! This has the most perfect formula. It built up nicely in 3 thin coats. Top coated with HKGirl. Seriously love this so much. Cant wait to use it as a base for some stamping!

Bottle macro.
Overall, I am so much more than happy with all of these polishes and just the whole brand! Ash also has Star Wars water decals in her shop that range from $4-5! Each of these polishes are $9.25 Or you can get the full 5 piece set for $43.75! Make sure you get yours! Links below!!
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