Sunday, July 27, 2014

Black Dahlia Lacquer ~ Midnight Morning Glory

Hello again!! Lately I have run into another puddle of luck! I won my first ever nail art contest :) I was the intermediate winner with my stars and stripes mani! Here is the entry picture:

I am so excited still that I won! I definitely will have a post about that another time but speaking of luck, I also won 2 mini polishes from Black Dahlia Lacquer. The Duo behind this brand is mother, Deanna, and daughter, Aubrey! They have not even launched yet and the polishes don't even have names!! * now they have names!! And this one is Midnight Morning Glory! Midnight Morning Glory is a sapphire blue extreme holo. It is amazing! My birthday is in September and my birthstone is sapphire so I can assure you this will be on for my 30th!! Ugh... 30... at least my nails will look fabulous :) I will warn you now that there are about 30 pics from this polish! I couldn't help it! I always have a hard time capturing holo but this baby was not shy at all!! #1 has become, well, my #1 lol! Lets start with the photos from my kitchen with no light but day light!

Isn't she a stunner?!?!  On to the direct sunlight pics!!

And now for the macros!! Bottle shots:

Nail shots:

I would totally recommend keeping an eye out for this new indie brand. Follow them here on instagram, and here on facebook! All of these pics were 2 easy peasy coats with top coat. Just wait until you see the others I received! The ladies from BDL sent me 4 minis because they didn't have one that I had requested. I think I may be glad they didn't because the next polish is super unique and in my opinion a super must have!! Wait!! Did I say that they are 5 free and vegan friendly?!?! WOW :) Stay tuned :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fresh Paint ~ Guava

Hello fellow polish lovers!! Feels like forever since i have blogged. Just haven't had the motivation i guess!  I also havent had much to blog about!! But that will change very soon. I have a brush review and a cuticle oil review coming up!! I recently found out that the store 5 Below has polishes based off of the movie Frozen. Now, if any of you have kids(especially girls) you know just how huge this movie is!! So when my husband said he was going right by the store i asked if he could pick up a set for each of the girls. They are put away for now as presents and i have t gotten my own set to review yet but im sure they will be coming lol. Anyways, my husband also came back with this amazing polish! It is from the brand Fresh Paint and it is called Guava. What an awesome neon!! I used it for 3 manicures in a row and didnt even realize it because i love it that much!! Its formula is just amazing for a neon polish. I had no streaking and a very smooth finish after 2 coats. It does NOT dry completely matte. More of a waxy finish. For these pictures i am using top coat. I also compared it to the ever so popular China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy. It was a little more orange toned than FFF but really close. FFF has a very picky formula though that i would rather not deal with. I used 3 normal coats on my middle finger in the last few pics. Also using top coat. Check it out and leave a comment!! I would love to know what you think!! Guava alone.
Guava and CG FFF
Overall, i would say that for the price and formula the fresh paint polish is way better!! Hurry and go get yours!!