Friday, December 2, 2016

Creative Cuticles Nail Polish ~ Nothing Good

                                                                                 *I bought this

          Happy Friday peeps! How was black Friday shopping for you? I hope you got amazing deals. Like I said in my last post, I only got to buy 1 thing. Well, 2 really. Then it ended up being 4! I bought a polish and a charm and I got 2 polishes and 2 charms. My Dallas Cowboy star came with a little football so I am super happy about that. 11-1!!!!! Then I got BF16 free with my purchase of Nothing Good. If you keep reading, I may have something for 1 lucky person...

          So, Nothing Good is the polish I chose because I need all the Cowboy blue colored polishes!! It matches the charm perfectly too! Nothing Good is part of the After Midnight trio. It is a deep blue jelly with dark purple ultra micro glitter and holo. For me it was very hard to capture the purple glitters. The dark jelly over powers them a little and just makes them look blue. Either way a gorgeous mix. I used 2 coats and was completely satisfied with coverage. In the pics there is a slight visible nail line. I couldnt tell in real life. You could make it fully opaque with 3 coats but I dont really think its necessary. To the pics!

2 coats of Nothing Good with top coat

Nothing Good with flash

Nothing Good macro

Nothing Good with art!

I added that last picture because there was a comment in the CCNP facebook group that someone had some polish staining. The polish was Melissa not NG!. Now, I am in NO WAY trying to call this person out or call her a liar. Everyone has a different body chemistry and some things work differently on some people than others. This is just MY experience. I had this polish on for about an hour with taking pics and doing art. I use 1 coat of Yellow Stopper as a peel off base coat for swatching. After peeling pieces of the polish off, there was not any staining at all. I only wanted to bring this up because Kayla is the most diligent indie polish maker I have dealt with. Her testing is always super extensive. Feel free to ask her any details. She is always super sweet and attentive. Now, about that thing. I have a brand new bottle of BF16 that I would love to give to a deserving person who missed out on this limited edition polish. Please leave me a comment below and let me know if you were not able to get BF16 and why you think you deserve it. Please dont comment if you do have it. I want to send this to someone who will never have the chance at this polish. You have 1 week. I will pick a winner next Friday/Saturday. As always links are below! Have a great weekend!

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Creative Cuticles Nail Polish ~ BF16

                                                                                   *I won this.

          FRIDAY!!! You have exactly 1 week until Black Friday! I have plans to buy 2 things. First thing is a new laptop! Seriously, this tiny Acer sucks! The second is a new polish from CCNP. I have a good idea on which one but you know how it is... Kayla has some serious awesomeness for Black Friday. Get 50% off of any purchase when you buy 2 or more items using the code: CCNPBF16!! Charms and polish are included in this sale. Also get a full sized bottle of todays featured polish for free!!! Please check HERE for the list of polishes available on Black Friday. Are you ready to see your freebie?!?!

          I was super excited to win the chance to swatch a polish that can never be bought. I mean, how neat right?! As far as indie polish that I have bought myself, CCNP is my most owned. Its really only like 10 lol but 1 income yada yada. Either way CCNP is my indie weakness. Not to mention the amazing sales Kayla always has. Ok ok, I have talked enough! Get ready for some serious pic spam :)

          BF16 starts with a purple shimmer base. Add some micro holo glitters and micro charcoal flakies and BAM! Perfection in a bottle. While searching for a base color for this polish I fell in love with so many colors so you will see them all. They are all solid creme polishes because I dont want any shimmer or holo from my base to interfere with the topper. Every swatch is 1 coat of BF16 over the base color with top coat. Formula is amazing! Drum roll please..........................................

Base color: INM Granite

Base color: INM Granite

Darker colors

Base color: SinfulColors Black On Black

Base color: INM Sage

Base color: SinfulColors Mesmerize

Base color: L.A. Colors Fierce

Lighter colors

Base color: SinfulColors Snow Me White

Base color: INM Cherry Blossom

Base color: SinfulColors Summer S-cool

Base color: INM Bananigans

          So do you love it?!?! Dont forget, THIS POLISH CANNOT BE PURCHASED!! I will have the links below to Kayla's shop and social media so you dont miss your 1 chance to get this baby! Have a great Friday everyone!!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

LevelUP Lacquer

                                                                        *Provided for review

          Hello! How are we all doing? I have had a rough few weeks. I deal with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and had quite the funk lately. If you dont know about actual clinical OCD I suggest you look it up. It's exhausting!! But this is no time to whine. I have some awesome colors to show you today. These are not anything from collections. Just a few polishes that Ash made randomly. She looooooves to play with polish lol!! So lets get right to it.

          Let's start with Ebony Armor. This polish is practically a 1 coater. I used 2 coats because its just what I do. Its a dark gun metal metallic, almost black, with this amazing purple flash. It is very prominent in person but not as much in pics. Super smooth formula with minimal brush strokes. Ebony Armor in 2 coats with top coat. Just a quick reminder: The topcoat I use for all swatches and art is Glisten & Glow HKGirl  top coat. I will leave the link below for this as well!

Ebony Armor

Ebony Armor macro

          Girl Power is next. Oh how I love pink... Ashley felt she didnt have enough pinks available so she made Girl Power. This is a bright pink leaning magenta with a gorgeous glass fleck flash. The formula on this one is perfect. I used 3 thin coats with top coat.

Girl Power

Girl Power macro

          Fairy Blood. When Ash said she had made her favorite red ever, I took it with a grain of salt because she has some amazing reds. I was wrong, she was right. This red is magical.. The first coat is actually a raspberry color. It builds to red in 2 thicker coats or 3 thinner coats. Guess what I did? Yup, 3 thin coats with top coat. Holo micro glitters, holo shreds, its just amazing!!

Fairy Blood

Fairy Blood macro

          Last we have Dream Weaver. This is a bright blue to a royal purple thermal polish. It has a subtle holo sparkle and it is filled with real silver flakies. The jelly base is soooo squishy! I used 3 thin coats with topcoat.

Dream Weaver in its warm state

Dream Weaver in its cold state

Dream Weaver warm state macro

Dream Weaver transition macro

Dream Weaver cold state macro

          Did you love them? Now, that I am out of my funk maybe you will see more of them on my IG! As usual all links will be below. Let me know in the comments which is your favorite!! Have a good day :)

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

LevelUP Lacquer ~ A Villainous Christmas Collection

                                                                            *Provided for review

          Hi friends. Depending on a lot of factors, today is either great for you, or not... Lets take a break from political talk to take a look at some gorgeous holiday polish! LevelUP Lacquer has a 5 piece collection available now! It's called A Villainous Christmas and its wonderful. Glitter, jelly, crelly, and even a thermal. Lets check them out!

          First up we have Mr.Grinch. This is a glitter polish that can be used on top of other colors or alone. It has bright and dark green glitters and a holo sparkle that just brings it all together. I used 1 coat over SinfulColors Exotic Green with top coat. I also sponged on 3 coats alone with top coat. Great formula for the amount of glitter.
Mr.Grinch over SinfulColors Exotic Green

Mr.Grinch sponged on alone

Mr.Grinch over SinfulColors Exotic Green macro

Mr.Grinch macro

          Sandy Claws is a bright red jelly polish with white and iridescent glitters. I really really like this one. The formula was flawless. It is very opaque for a jelly so 2 thicker coats would work. For my swatch I used 3 thin coats with top coat.
Sandy Claws

Sandy Claws macro

          Bah-Humbug is the epitome of a Christmas polish. It is a white crelly polish with red and green glitters and micro silver holo shreds. To me this is Christmas in a bottle. I used 3 thin perfect coats with top coat.


Bah-Humbug macro

          Krampus is another Christmas in a bottle polish. This one has red, green ,silver, and gold glitters in a black jelly base. This is such an elegant holiday polish. Totally adult friendly while still blinging and represeting Christmas. 2 thicker coats would work for this one as well but I used 3 thin coats with top coat.


Krampus macro

          Last up is Bumble. This is the thermal of the group. This one has blue and white glitters so it will be able to be used year round. The base is a really pale blue, almost white when warm and a medium blue when cold. The glitter mix in this is so perfect and beautiful in either warm or cold state. I used 3 thin smooth coats plus top coat.
Bumble. Warm state

Bumble. Cool state. Video with better cold state will be on my IG

Bumble macro. Cold state

Bumble macro. Transition

Bumble macro. Warm state

           I absolutely love this collection. There is something for everyone. I am super excited for Christmas this year. Not even sure why lol. I will leave the links below as always. Make sure you follow Ash on all of her social media and me on mine. We have more swatches and good stuff. Have a good evening peeps!

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Friday, November 4, 2016

LevelUP Lacquer ~ November Multiplayer Box

                                                                                             *Provided for review

          Hello peeps! It is FRIDAY!! Its a Tuesday for me so... But new polish will brighten anyones day right?! Today I have for you this months Multiplayer Box. There is a new and easier set up for purchase and payment! Here are the deets:

          Multiplayer Monthly Box! Boxes ship on the 10th of each month. Recurring orders will always bill on the 10th, one time orders will bill at the time of purchase and will only be available if supplies allow. Cancel anytime!
If you sign up for recurring boxes after the tenth of the month you will not be charged until the next months box!

For $20.00 each box includes the following:
1 15ml bottle Zoya color. Five free and changes each month with no repeats.
2 11ml bottles of LevelUp Lacquer Limited Edition Polishes
Plus random nail goodies & FREE SHIPPING (US ONLY)
Box is worth $30.00 retail including shipping, so this is a great deal! 
All nail polishes are 5 free they contain No Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, or Camphor. Also, nothing I make is ever ever ever tested on animals and my suppliers promise not to test on animals either. 

          On to the polish!  First up we have the Zoya. Her name is Courtney and she is a blood red creme polish. Normally, I would not use the terms blood red as a description. For this polish though, that is exactly what it is. It is a grunge color to the max. Perfect for the collection. Careful with this one as she is a fickle b*tch and will definitely stain your cuticles!! 2 perfect coats with topcoat.

Zoya Courtney

Zoya Courtney macro

Next up is this awesome glitter called City Lights. This glitter topper has holo glitters, silver glitters, black glitters, and iridescent glitters. It super complex and very blingy!! I used 1 coat over Zoya Courtney with top coat. Perfect glitter coverage and it also laid totally smooth.  

City Lights over Zoya Courtney

City Lights macro

          Purple Magic is the 3rd polish and my favorite! A perfect purple creme with holo and bright blue flakies. Drooling is appropriate. I used 2 smooth coats with top coat.

Purple Magic

Purple Magic macro

What do you think? I love love love the purple polish. As always, this box is a winner. My teens were in the grunge era so this spoke to me. I will leave all the links below so make sure you chack them out. I cannot stress enough how awesome and unique this brand is! Stay tuned as well because we got black friday stuff, Holiday stuff, and just plain cool stuff coming! Have a great Friday friends!!

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dam Nail Polish ~ Holo World Collection

                                                                                          *Provided for a blogger discount*
                                                                                          *Picture heavy*

          Hello! Been a while huh? I have had bad luck after bad luck... Nothing horrible but at the very least I need a new laptop and a new tripod. As a result, my video making has been on hold. Even my blogging has slowed down. I am using a tiny wannabe laptop that still uses Windows XP! Let's hope I get out a good post. Lets get started! The Holo World Collection is made up of 6 ultra holo polishes. They all have the same wonderful formula and they dry pretty fast. Since I have a lot of pics for these, I will get the deets out now. For each polish I used 3 thin coats without topcoat. For any art pics I did use top coat but not for plain or flash swatches. The formula covered evenly and was super easy to work with. Angie makes great polish! Ready for the pics? Here goes!!

          " The Holo World collection are first holographic set and all the polish names are puns on the world "holo". Since it's my first collection, I named it Holo World which is a play on "Hello World" which is the first program anyone who has ever taken a programming class will write. The program literally does nothing but display "Hello World". Yes, I'm a nerd. (surprise!)" -Angie

           GURRL Can I Holo? [Can I Holla? - Reference to a skit on Dave Chappelle]

with flash


          Holo Can You Gold? [How Low Can You Go? - Song by Ludacris]

with flash

           Sleepy Holo [Sleepy Hollow - American Drama Series on FOX]

with flash

 Holo Kitty [Hello Kitty - Fictional Character Created by Sanrio]

with flash

 You Had Me @ Holo [You Had Me At Hello - Jerry Maguire Movie]

with flash

 Holo, It's me. [Hello, It's Me - Song by Adele]


with flash

So what do we think? I love them. Great formula and a strong holo makes me weak in the knees. I will say that the red holo, Holo It's Me, is definitely more magenta than red. I am ok with that but if you really want a true red holo, this is not it. I can't wait to play with these even more! I hope you enjoyed these beauties!! Have a wonderful day everyone! Links below.

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