Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Julep ~ Myrtle

Hi!! I usually dont do red and to me red is red. I know there are different shades and all that but its just not a favorite of mine. That being said, this polish is the perfect red. Rich enough for holidays but bright enough for anything!! Love it!! For this swatch i used 3 coats no top coat. Their polish must have top coat built in because its sooooo shiny :) and again the polish was a dream to work with. Went on smooth and dried quick. If you are looking for the perfect red look no more because this one is it!!

Julep ~ Elle

Hello!! This time i have Elle!! A very dark royalty type purple. Didnt like this so much in the bottle but its magic on the nails. Again a very superior formula. Two super easy coats without top coat!! Dries nicely and timely. What do you think??

Julep ~ Libby

Hey everyone!! Sorry about the lack of posts. Its the holidays so it's just been busy!! I hope everyone is ready for Christmas only a few days left!!!!! Anywho, here we have Libby a beautiful teal creme. Totally opaque in two coats. Probably the best formula in any polish brand I have ever tried!!! It went on like butter and shined like I had top coat on when I didn't. I have actually heard conflicting reviews for the julep polishes. Well my review is amazing it was awesome. Besides the fact that I just woke up to a julep box with 7 polish is in it as a surprise from my mother :) the dry time isn't bad either. Overall a super high quality polish. Checkout Libby!! enjoy :D

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bling Biscuit Lacquers ~ Dark Waters

Hello again ladies :) Here i have Bling Biscuits Lacquer Dark Waters. This is such a gorgous blue. It is very sheer though. I never really liked sheer polishes before but i have learned to layer and adapt!! I put 3 coats of this polish over black and a pastel blue. Its sooooo pretty. Not positive but it looks like a foil polish but sheer if thats possible lol. The formula was good but streaky on the first coat. Totally evened itself out on the second and third coats. Dry time was great!! And the logo is the cutest ever!!! Enjoy this wonderful polish :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Painted Polish ~ Aurora

Hi all!! Here is an awesome micro glitter!! This is Painted Polish Aurora. It looks like a rainbow of colors but when i looked closer i could only see 3!! Pink, blue, and yellow. I like this way more than i thought i would. Went on very easily and with great coverage!! All pics are one coat over pastels with topcoat. Great dry time as well. Hope to get more of these in the future!! Enjoy :)

Influenster Rose Voxbox

Hello!! This post is not a nail post but it involves polish... does that count? Just wanna give you a quick review of the products i was given from Influenster :) If you dont know what this is it is a product testing site. You dont just get free stuff. You have to review it, take pics, all that good stuff :) if you are interested please email me!! I have invites :) ( Ok, i loved this box!! It had lotion, chocolate, nail polish, and more. Lets start with the Dr. Scholl's for her cozy cushions. I actually passed these along to my mom because i wear flip flops all year long lol. I did ask her how they were and she loves them. She wears steal toe boots for work and she said her feet are always warm and comfortable. Even when working outside in the winter!! So i would say A+ for those :) The Lindor chocolate, what can be said?? It was gone before i even knew what else was in my box!! Of course it was smooth and heavenly. Its my favorite chocolate so they did good!! The lotion i got was Vitabath hydrating lotion in wild red cherry scent. Smells so good i could eat it. My daughter always has a reason that she neeeeeddddss to put the lotion on for lol. And a little goes a long way!! The only issue i have is that it is a little greasy. Not for long cuz it all soaks in pretty quickly but i still am not a fan of that feeling. Now the mascara. I have very long dark thick lashes naturally so i dont use much mascara. This i am no help with. I did use it to try it but to me it seemed like every other kind. Still clumped a little bit as well. Sorry i cant be of more help with this one. But as for the Belvita breakfast cookies, OMG!!! I could eat those for every meal every day. Soooooo yummy :) cant wait to try more flavors. And they kept me full for quite a while!! Aahhh last but not least, my Kiss gradation set. I love the idea of this but wasnt totally pleased. I have a review a few posts back including pictures. Each of the 3 polishes are great on their own. Gonna have to give this set another try. How did you enjoy your rose voxbox??

Christmas Manis!!

Nothing to review or swatch today but here is a few shots of a Christmas mani i just finished :) i used Pure Ice silver mercedes sugar cookie. For the red and green i just used some Avon stripers and a dotting tool over nail tape!! Enjoy :)

Adding more christmas manis to this post!! These are a chevron tip with gold star studs. The base is essies as gold as it gets. The tips are winter wonder by sinful colors. Wanted something cute and festive but not super girly!! SUCCESS :) Enjoy!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

She Nail Polish ~ Lyght

And finally the last of the 3 polishes i recieved to review for She' Nail Polish. The name of this super awesome yellow is Lyght. This is also a very yellow polish without being neon or weird. Ya know? All 3 were very pigmented polishes. This was the only 1 of the 3 that had a round brush actually. The other 2 had flat brushes. Just another positive for this polish line. Although i loved these polishes i did have a little streaking issue. This is a creme polish but because of the streaking i put 2 coats over white. Just to help me hide my streaks a little lol. This one did take the longest to dry but again it wasnt terrible. I would easily reccomend these to anyone looking for something different. And i love that they watermarble nicely. Im happy!! Enjoy the pics :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

She Nail Polish ~ Leave Me

Hey lovelies :) today i have 3 nail polishes sent to me by Rashetta, owner of She' Nail Polish. The quote for the polish is awesome!! "Colors that brighten up any mood". Its so true!! How many of you have been happier just from a unique wonderful color?? I have! Actually when i recieved these thats how i felt because the colors are beyond different. First i will say i LOVE a solid color indie. Im not really a huge glitter fan *gasp* i know.... Anyways i recieved 3 colors and imediately got a fall/70's/watermarble vibe all at once! When i say 70's thats good!! Im such a hippie lol :D so for all pictures i have a watermarble accent nail :) The color here is called Leave Me. Its the perfect green for the holiday season!! I was pretty sheer so i actually put 3 thin coats over white. I did not however use any color underneath my water marble. The formula on the polish was wonderful. A streak here and there but super easy to fix and well worth it!! Also has a good dry time. Not super fast but you wont be waiting forever!! In all of these pics i am not wearing top coat. Didnt need it. Very shiny on its own. To the pics!! Enjoy :)

She Nail Polish ~ Burnt Orange

Hello!! Here is the second polish i swatched from She' Nail Polish. This one is called Burnt Orange. I think this one surprised me the most. Its a jelly!! I had no idea. All of the polishes looked so pigmented i just assumed they were cremes. To my surprise only one was a creme. Again a super unique orange. Something i have been looking for for a while actually!! Its so orange without being neon or overwhelming. I did again put three thin coats over white. I didnt want a visible nail line and white shows pretty true color every time!! It did build up nicely. Such a squishy jelly formula!! I love that about it. Soooo doing a jelly sammich with this color!! For a jelly it dries pretty fast too. And it smooths itself out which is a nice plus. Sorry for the books lol. Now to the pictures. Again with the watermarble and NO top coat!! Enjoy

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Polish Addict ~ Rainbow Concrete

I cant believe that i havent done this sooner!! This is 1 of 2 of my biggest lemmings ever!!! Ill share the other if/when i get it ;) This one is Polish Addict Nail Color Rainbow Concrete! Its definitely more sheer than i thought it would be so i used 2 coats over a grey for all pics. It has the best "rainbow" mix of colors i have seen in any polish so far!! Laura and Crystal are glitter geniuses. Lets let it speak for itself. Enjoy :)

An "Inspired By" manicure

This im just posting for fun so i dont flood my ig feed lol. I saw Mellissa's (@kissmynailss on ig) anchor mani and i knew i had to do it!! Suck a solid message for me in my life right now. Go check out the mani that inspired mine!!

Avon Snowman Glitter Toppers

Lets start with this, my mom is the best!! She has had an exceptionally rough life and still manages to make everyone happy :) She sells Avon and always asks me what i want before its out. But she surprised me with these!! They are just single colored glitter with micro hexes and small hexes. The two i have are called Blue Ice and Golden Tinsel. Since this formula was pretty generic lets just get straight to the pics shall we?? Enjoy :)