Saturday, November 21, 2015

Creative Cuticles Nail Polish ~ Autumn Nights

Hello!! How is everyone's fall season going? Keep an eye on my IG to see how mine is going so far :) I wanted to share with you a quick swatch I have been holding onto for a while now. I received this and another polish from a destash. I will show you that one soon but for right now feast your eyes on Autumn Nights from Creative Cuticles Nail Polish. This polish is sadly no longer available. Which is why I found it in a destash! OMG is it amazing! This swatch is 2 coats with topcoat. It really is a 1 coater but I just cant do that lol. The formula is a smoother than butter, deep teal, opaque creme. Totally self leveling and very fast drying. If by some slim chance you find this GRAB IT!!
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Saturday, November 7, 2015

OPI ~ Starlight Collection

Hello friends :) How is your night going? I am having the perfect night at my In-laws house! While they take some time away, my husband and I are house/dog sitting. I have a cocktail and a boxer by my side while my husband is playing video games next to the other boxer. Wait, weren't we here for polish?!?! Sorry about that lol. I was sent 6 OPI polishes, for free, to swatch and play with from Preen.Me. I have never had such a wide range of feelings for any other collection. Some were amazing and some were... well, read on.
I Drive a SuperNova. This polish is your average metallic silver polish. For me, it left awful marks from the brush strokes. I had read other reviews where this is not the case. I also used 2 coats while another blogger used only 1. I do believe that, if you are careful, it could definitely be a 1 coater. I used my second coat to even out the steaks from the brush. And, just in case this could have affected anything, I used yellow stopper as my base and HKGirl topcoat.

This polish is called, Is This Star Taken? NO!!! I had such high hopes for this polish. In the bottle, it's beautiful. I couldn't get over the holo! Although I am not usually a bar glitter fan, I didn't even care! Is This Star Taken? is a champagne type light gold foil polish loaded with tiny holographic bar glitters. First of all, glitter in any full coverage foil or metallic polish is just bad. The way the foil shows every flaw is bad enough with out showing chunky mounds of glitter! The glitters lost so much of their rainbow effect because of the coverage. The formula was also very streaky while chunky at the same time from the amounts of glitter. This polish was a total dud for me :( This is 2 coats with top coat.

Ce-less-tial Is More. This one shocked me! It did not have anything, anywhere, that said it was a textured polish! It ended up being my second favorite of the six. This polish is a pinky gold with tiny holo bits. Its gorgeous. As with the OPI Liquid Sand polishes, the texture is perfect. I used to think Zoya Pixie Dust's were my favorite textures, but OPI wins hands down. Always even with great coverage. This is 2 coats without top coat.

No More Mr. Night Sky. This is a sheer, smokey, dark grey polish that leans purple with a very subtle aqua flash. I die. It is so deep and pretty. I used 3 thin coats and it built up nicely for the sheerness of the first coat. This is such a wonderful winter time polish. This swatch is with top coat.

Macro of No More Mr. Night Sky
Guys & Galaxies is a deep reddish with a touch of brown. I think oxblood would be a good way to describe this. It was the amazing, classic, perfect OPI crème formula. 2 thin coats, that evened themselves out beautifully, with top coat. The one and only down side to this polish is the cuticle staining. Use caution when applying and removing or you will find out what I mean!

I saved the best for last. This is Ro-Man-ce On The Moon. This is 2 coats with top coat. As with all metallic polishes, be thoughtful with your brush strokes! The finish is very unforgiving. Almost all holiday collections have a red. And this one definitely has some very close dupes. But seriously, who could ever get tired of a shimmery, sexy red polish?!?! Not this polish lover. I don't wear too much red but when I do I drool over my own hands lol! Its just so classic and bold.

Macro of Ro-Man-ce On The moon
Minus Is This Star Taken?, the polishes I received were wonderful. Nothing super new from a holiday collection, but all gorgeous none the less. I may use Is This Star Taken? to make an ornament with! Would You be interested in seeing that? Let me know that and what your favorite polish from this collection is in the comments!! All Links below :)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Lolita Lacquer ~ Dia De Los Muertos Duo

 Hello nail friends :) Tonight I bring you another new to me indie polish! Mira, the owner/creator of Lolita Lacquer sent me these few things to review. The polish duo will be available on October 9th! Omg how cute is that pumpkin?!?! So lets get right to it! The names of the polishes were on the bottom of the bottle but one popped off and for picture purposes I thought it was neat on the cap!

First up is Horchata. I am not Spanish so I had to look this up (sorry!!). Horchata is a warm creamy drink. This polish is a good fit to its name judging by the pics I saw on google. It is a bright white crème polish with a ton of fine gold shimmer. I die! I am such a sucker for shimmer! And when it is added to a nice crème formula its even better! A total winner! Its for Halloween but this would be gorgeous at Christmas time and for anyone getting married!!!!! Love it :) I used 2 medium coats and a glossy top coat. Formula was smooth and opaque. I did have trouble getting the shimmer to show up in pics so there are quite a few pics so you can get the idea! :)

There's that shimmer!
Horchata matte

Horchata matte macro
This pic was taken in sunlight instead of my light box. You could kinda see the shimmer here.
The second half of the Dia de Los Muertos duo is called Festival. This is a sheer black polish with multiple colored and sized, hex and square glitters. The polish built up nicely and was totally opaque in 3 thin coats. No glitter fishing required. I didn't even need to flip it upside down or anything! Great polishes with no complaints at all.

Festival matte.

Festival matte macro.
I also got this adorable Candy Corn Jack O'Lantern mani bomb! It smelled so sweet and yummy! And it had a good strong fizz for at least 30 seconds. That may not seem like much but I have tried a few that barely lasted the length of an Instagram video. And the sizes were almost the exact same! The video I have is only 16 seconds because I wanted to get my hands in before the fizzing ended. I loved the amount of oils in this. You could see it very clearly at the top of the water through out the soaking. I soaked for about 10 minutes. I removed polish then immediately took a before pic. After the soak, I patted my hands dry then took an after pic. No lotions or oils or anything like that were added. As I type, an hour or so later, my hands are still soft and smell sooooo good! Check Out my results and video!!
Ingredients: citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, white clay, tapioca starch, sunflower oil, shea butter, fragrance oil, color (iron oxide), and isopropyl alcohol.

Before: Yuck!
After: Much better!!:)

Definitely an indie to check into!! Great quality and prices!! Mira offers stamping plates and stamper refill heads in her shop as well! Links below! Which polish did you like from this duo?
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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Creative Cuticles Nail Polish ~ Creepy Cocktails Collection

Hello! I am late posting this, but if you follow my IG then you have already seen a few of these pics. These 3 polishes make up the Creepy Cocktails collection which is from Creative Cuticles Nail Polish. The trio will be released on October 1st. Kayla sent these along with her Fall Jelly Trio (swatched here) for me to swatch so I have been sitting on these little bottles of liquid gold for a while. I am loving them all and I'm sure you will as well.
First we have O Negative, Please. This is 2 amazingly perfect coats with top coat. If I polished a little thicker I could have just used 1 coat. This is such a sexy deep red. I felt so bad ass wearing it!

For the stamping I used SinfulColors Black On Black and Winstonia plate w108.

Here I matted it using Pure Ice matte top coat. Ring is from Claire's.

This one is Witches Brew. It has a cross between a crème and a crelly formula. Really smooth application. 2 coats plus top coat.

For the stamping I used SinfulColors Black On Black and Winstonia plate w116.

Matted using Pure Ice matte top coat.

Ooze On The Rocks. This is a slime green crelly polish. Usually that would be weird but its for Halloween so its totally fitting! This is a spot on match for the ooze in the Ninja Turtles Secret Of The Ooze. (If you like that stuff like I do lol). This crelly has a wonderful formula which (for me) is hard to find in a crelly. Kayla does them so very well. This is 3 this coats with top coat.

For the stamping I used SinfulColors Black On Black and Winstonia plate w116.

Matted using Pure Ice matte top coat.

I am SUPER happy with this trio. I will be buying these in full size asap!! And maybe a back up of O Negative, Please! Make sure you are following Kayla everywhere for updates, sales, and whatever else! Links below!! Which do you like best?

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Friday, September 11, 2015

My True Love Creations ~ Fall 2015 Collection

Hello again. Who is ready for fall? I was ready in March LOL! It is just the perfect balance of warm and cool weather. And lets not forget Halloween :) And with all that comes the fall polishes. My husband said to me today that September to November are expensive months. I said why is that? He just looked at me and said Halloween and pink lol. I am a huge supporter of anything pink especially in October and even more if it is for charity! Jeez he knows me so well!!! Back to the polish. This time Cherise is bringing us a five piece collection of solid colors. That's right, no shimmer, holo, or glitter to be found anywhere. And I love that!! I absolutely love the simplicity and the colors in this collection. Lets get to it, shall we?
First we have Goodbye Summer Sunset. A bright coral leaning a little orange. Nice smooth crème formula. I used 3 thin coats and top coat.

Here I added a real 18k gold top coat.
Harvest Moon is another smooth polish. Here it is in 3 thin coats and top coat. This polish reminds me of the vacations I used to take in Martha's Vineyard. There was a beach with clay cliffs. Very similar color. If you have been there, I believe it is South Beach, then you know what I mean.

Some harvest style stamping. For the stamps I used Sex And Sand Castles. You can see that polish here.
This one is Crimson Kisses. This was actually a little patchy. I used 4 thin coats with a top coat. I really love the color but thinner may have to be added.

How could I not add some kisses to this?!
These last 2 are total awesomeness. This is Tree Hugger and It is the perfect chocolate crème color. Seriously you may want to lick your nails lol. My pics lean a little greyish. 2 thin buttery coats of hersheys.... I mean Tree Hugger with top coat :)  

Wood grain stamp. Appropriate right lol. Again I used Sex And Sand Castles to stamp with. then I mattefied it :)
Black To Basics. Everyone needs the classic black glossy crème in there polish collection. This one was perfect in 2 thin coats with top coat. What a smooth black polish!!

This design I did using nail vinyls. All details are on my IG page!
Also a gradient I did using Goodbye Summer Sunset, Harvest Moon, and Crimson Kisses. Stamped obviously lol!
This collection, in my opinion, is a must have. Who doesn't need solid cremes? No one! Especially when they are this pretty! This collection will be releasing on October 1st! Which ones will you be picking up? Let me know in the comments. Links below!
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