Sunday, September 20, 2015

Creative Cuticles Nail Polish ~ Creepy Cocktails Collection

Hello! I am late posting this, but if you follow my IG then you have already seen a few of these pics. These 3 polishes make up the Creepy Cocktails collection which is from Creative Cuticles Nail Polish. The trio will be released on October 1st. Kayla sent these along with her Fall Jelly Trio (swatched here) for me to swatch so I have been sitting on these little bottles of liquid gold for a while. I am loving them all and I'm sure you will as well.
First we have O Negative, Please. This is 2 amazingly perfect coats with top coat. If I polished a little thicker I could have just used 1 coat. This is such a sexy deep red. I felt so bad ass wearing it!

For the stamping I used SinfulColors Black On Black and Winstonia plate w108.

Here I matted it using Pure Ice matte top coat. Ring is from Claire's.

This one is Witches Brew. It has a cross between a crème and a crelly formula. Really smooth application. 2 coats plus top coat.

For the stamping I used SinfulColors Black On Black and Winstonia plate w116.

Matted using Pure Ice matte top coat.

Ooze On The Rocks. This is a slime green crelly polish. Usually that would be weird but its for Halloween so its totally fitting! This is a spot on match for the ooze in the Ninja Turtles Secret Of The Ooze. (If you like that stuff like I do lol). This crelly has a wonderful formula which (for me) is hard to find in a crelly. Kayla does them so very well. This is 3 this coats with top coat.

For the stamping I used SinfulColors Black On Black and Winstonia plate w116.

Matted using Pure Ice matte top coat.

I am SUPER happy with this trio. I will be buying these in full size asap!! And maybe a back up of O Negative, Please! Make sure you are following Kayla everywhere for updates, sales, and whatever else! Links below!! Which do you like best?

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Friday, September 11, 2015

My True Love Creations ~ Fall 2015 Collection

Hello again. Who is ready for fall? I was ready in March LOL! It is just the perfect balance of warm and cool weather. And lets not forget Halloween :) And with all that comes the fall polishes. My husband said to me today that September to November are expensive months. I said why is that? He just looked at me and said Halloween and pink lol. I am a huge supporter of anything pink especially in October and even more if it is for charity! Jeez he knows me so well!!! Back to the polish. This time Cherise is bringing us a five piece collection of solid colors. That's right, no shimmer, holo, or glitter to be found anywhere. And I love that!! I absolutely love the simplicity and the colors in this collection. Lets get to it, shall we?
First we have Goodbye Summer Sunset. A bright coral leaning a little orange. Nice smooth crème formula. I used 3 thin coats and top coat.

Here I added a real 18k gold top coat.
Harvest Moon is another smooth polish. Here it is in 3 thin coats and top coat. This polish reminds me of the vacations I used to take in Martha's Vineyard. There was a beach with clay cliffs. Very similar color. If you have been there, I believe it is South Beach, then you know what I mean.

Some harvest style stamping. For the stamps I used Sex And Sand Castles. You can see that polish here.
This one is Crimson Kisses. This was actually a little patchy. I used 4 thin coats with a top coat. I really love the color but thinner may have to be added.

How could I not add some kisses to this?!
These last 2 are total awesomeness. This is Tree Hugger and It is the perfect chocolate crème color. Seriously you may want to lick your nails lol. My pics lean a little greyish. 2 thin buttery coats of hersheys.... I mean Tree Hugger with top coat :)  

Wood grain stamp. Appropriate right lol. Again I used Sex And Sand Castles to stamp with. then I mattefied it :)
Black To Basics. Everyone needs the classic black glossy crème in there polish collection. This one was perfect in 2 thin coats with top coat. What a smooth black polish!!

This design I did using nail vinyls. All details are on my IG page!
Also a gradient I did using Goodbye Summer Sunset, Harvest Moon, and Crimson Kisses. Stamped obviously lol!
This collection, in my opinion, is a must have. Who doesn't need solid cremes? No one! Especially when they are this pretty! This collection will be releasing on October 1st! Which ones will you be picking up? Let me know in the comments. Links below!
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My True Love Creations ~ The Squared Circle Collection

Happy weekend!!! How was your week? Mine was super lazy and super awesome!! Now I have to get to all the things I had neglected. Like this post. If you follow me on IG then you know that I have already started posting pics of these polishes. The Squared Circle Collection is WWE inspired which is pretty neat because I have never heard of a wrestling collection before this one. Lets check
 them out!
Eat Your Vitamins is a polish inspired by who other than Hulk Hogan. It is such a unique polish with the base color and mix of glitters. It is a soft but bright yellow with 3 sizes of red holo hex glitters. Such a smooth crelly shown here in 3 thin coats with top coat. No glitter fishing required!


The Best is inspired by Bret "The Hitman" Hart. This is a pretty bright medium pink crème base with tiny and large black hex glitters. 2 perfect coats with topcoat and again no glitter fishing!!

Oohh Yeaaa is a bold aqua holo polish with a metallic type finish. This polish is inspired by Macho Man Randy Savage (snap into a slim jim). 2 smooth coats with top coat. I also added stickers to these for some added art. (I can't draw lol)

Finally the holo peeked out for me!!! I failed to capture the holo but I promise you it is very stand out in person!!

Kicking Ass And Chewing Gum. This polish keeps me at a loss for words. You may already know that Jason is my favorite black holo ever! Also, from Cherise! This lives up to its name! It kicks Jason's ass!!! This one was inspired by Roddy Piper. This polish goes on like butter in 2 amazingly perfect coats and is so jam packed with holo and gold shimmer. I think I see golden micro flakies as well. I could wear this one polish forever! And if it wasn't good enough already, it stamps!! That made me freak out a little. I am sooooooo happy with this one :)

This is the stamping I did using Kicking Ass And Chewing Gum!!
 And last but actually my second favorite is Holo If You Hear Me. This is my second for 2 very simple reasons. PURPLE. HOLO. It really is that easy for me when it comes to MTL polishes. The quality is always there without question! Anywho, this one is inspired by Scott Steiner and is such a winner. It is definitely more of a red toned purple than my camera captures. It always leans blue for me. And besides my watermark my photos are always completely unedited! Just an FYI. This polish needed 3 thin coats as it was a tiny bit more sheer than Oohh Yeaaa. I used a top coat and also added some stamping!

YAY!!! HOLO :)

Overall this collection may be one of my favorites so far!! and I don't even watch WWE lol. The Squared Circle Collection will be available on September 15th! Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments! Links below.
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