Monday, November 24, 2014

Neons For Life!

Hello friends :) Lately I feel like I just cant get enough neon! Neons will always be my favorite; but lately I haven’t really even looked at anything but my neons. I decided I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you! This will be picture heavy because I did different lighting and finishes. Let’s get right to it!
The first polish is Polish Addict Nail Color Candy Pop. This is the crelly version that I just won in a Random Act of Kindness giveaway! This polish is perfectly me. Literally Jenn in a bottle. for this swatch i used 3 thin and flawless coats plus topcoat. I cannot believe that I found a glitter packed polish that I really like!! Really, this is not neon. but it is bright and new so I wanted to share :)

Next one is a prototype polish from Drip Drop Nail Paint. It is number 1008. This is another amazing crelly and it does have neon glitter in it. Again for my swatch I used three thin coats and top coat. I also have a few more of Jessica's prototypes. She makes great polish so go check her out! And the label is one of the cutest thing I have seen from any indie polish!

Next up is Cameo Colours Lacquers Hex-Sea And I Know It. This is such a gorgeous polish with so much depth! Its a bold blue jelly polish filled with, duh, hexes!!! Awesome neon ones :) This one I matted for a few pics so you could see the layers of glitter better. Most definitely a must have!! 


The last one I want to show you is Honey Bunny Lacquer A Little Bitter. I had the hardest time finding a polish in my collection that would show off this glitter topper best. I ended up using a dark grey and an off white. i actually really loved the results of both. There are a ton of fun macros for this because everywhere I looked there were different glitters! Triangles, hearts and even the tiniest micro glitters. If you enjoy bright glitter in tons of shapes and sizes this is for you!! Take a look. 

So, which is your favorite??

Friday, November 14, 2014

MTL Creations ~ Honey Dew Cuticle Oil

Hi everyone!! This post has been ready for some time. I just seem to have the worst luck with any type of technology :( I lost the pics I had so I took the closest ones to the start and finish of my 1 week using MTLCreations Honey Dew Cuticle Oil. Thankfully my husband has been a huge help at troubleshooting and I at least have these pics lol! Until I received this oil from Cherise, I had been using Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Hydrating oil, along with random lotions/creams that were nearby. Once I started using this I used ONLY this for 1 week. Let me start by giving you an idea of how my cuticles usually are, DRY!!!! My daily fluid intake is usually 3 cups of coffee. That's it lol. Besides that I suffer from OCD so I hand wash countless times a day. I would say that 20-25 is accurate for a calm day. That means I need a heavy duty oil!! This oil is very supple! It has a thickness to it so it didn't drip all over the place. It absorbs really fast though so no worries there! It doesn't soak in and disappear. It softens the skin and keeps that silky feeling for quite some time before needing to reapply.The scent that came for me was Honey Dew, a very subtle smell that is crisp and lasts. I even smelled it still after washing my hands. Barely, but it was there. This oil worked great for me. Now I use it just as much as my bliss kiss!! I would totally recommend this oil for nice soft cuticles! Cherise has awesome polish and sugar scrubs and hand crocheted items available in her shop so please go check her out and keep her in mind when thinking about holiday shopping!!! She has thermals coming out that look super amazing!! Stay tuned :)       Day 1:

day 3:

day 7: