Friday, May 8, 2015

Vixen Lacquers ~ Summer EDM Collection

Yay!! We made it!! Last post for me, for now lol. This time though I have a new to me indie brand. Liz from Vixen Lacquers contacted me about 2 weeks ago about swatching her summer collection based on electronic dance music. This is especially huge this summer! Which is great for me because neon is my favorite color. However, I know nothing about nothing EDM. I myself, am a (heavy) metal head lol. What I do know about is polish! We definitely have some good ones here. Check them out! First up is Rave Bra. This is an awesome glitter topper with a clear scattered holo base. There are fuchsia circles, pink holo circles, and pink holo squares. This is so blingy! I did have to fish and swirl a little to get the glitters on the brush. You know how I feel about heavy glitters. Sinking happens and its really not a deal breaker! I don't mind at all and if you do you can just put your bottle upside down for a few minutes before polishing. This works with any polish that has big glitters! I used 1 coat, plus some glitter placement, over OPI Infinite Shine To Infinity and Blue-yond. I love the contrast of colors!! I used 1 generous coat of top coat to smooth out the circles.

The next one is called From Dusk Til Dawn. This is also a glitter topper with the same scattered holo base. It has tiny metallic and holo blue glitters and slightly larger gold hexes. This polish totally reminds me of the beach! I love it so much! For this swatch I used 1 smooth coat over MTLCreations When Lilacs Blossom. The glitters all laid flat and were totally smoothed out with 1 thin coat of top coat.

P.L.U.R is a bright white crème polish with a mix of pastel glitters. You may be surprised to know that I DO know what that means! Mostly because everyone should follow it anyways! Peace Love Unity & Respect.  This polish was a little on the thick side so I added a few drops of polish thinner and all was well! I really love how bright white the base is. That being said I am not really sure its the right base for the glitter used. The white was just so opaque that it totally ate up the glitters. I used 3 thin coats for this swatch but maybe 1 coat over a white base would have been better. Other than that this polish is great! Its only a preference issue really so if you like very slight glitter nails this would be great for you :)

This is with matte top coat

macro with matte top coat

This one I love. Under The Electric Sky 2.0 is a black base that's a little sheer but builds beautifully. It has holo squares and a mix of tiny and micro holo glitters! This one being on the sheer side helps the glitters "swim" on the nail! 3 thin perfect coats with a top coat!

 This polish right here, Neon Lights, just jumped to somewhere in my top 5 favorite polishes ever! EVER!!! Its a perfectly squishy jelly polish. The color is just amazing!! I used 4 thin coats for this swatch with top coat. What??? 4???? I know I know. It only needed 2 good coats really. But with the neon yellow glitter that gets greener with each extra coat, I could not help myself! Best part, It dries faster than your average jelly polish! so 4 thin coats really wasn't a big deal at all. LOOK AT ALL THAT DEPTH!!!!! I NEED THIS BABY IN A FULL SIZE!! I can't wait to try it over white! Aahhhhh, so excited lol!

with matte topcoat
Liz did a wonderful job with these polishes and I can't wait to see what else she does in the future! Do you own any Vixen Lacquers? If so let me know which ones in the comments. If not, What are you waiting for??
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My True Love Creations ~ The Specials LE

I'm back!! How was your break lol? This time, I bring you a one year anniversary duo! The duo is called The Specials LE. They do not have individual names but I think I will let my girls pick some names :) How exciting that Cherise has been in this business for over a year now!! It has been so fun to be able to be a part of it! And let's not forget her crocheted items and other bath products! Can you believe on top of that she is a mommy of 4?! How accomplished and so damn tired she must be lol!! I hope to be a part of her journey for as long as she is on it <3 HAPPY INDIE ANNIVERSARY CHERISE! <3 <3 <3 Let's get to the polish :) The color half of The Specials LE is an electric blue polish with a matching shimmer and scattered holo. What an eye catcher!! Everyone in my family is in love with this one! 2  perfectly smooth coats with top coat. It's so bold all by itself. No undies for this baby!

 The glitter half of The Specials LE is a gorgeous blue micro glitter, holo of course, very fine glass flecks, and very soft light blue hexes. I mean the color is soft not the glitter lol!! Think Cinderella :) 1 coat over Creative Cuticles Nail Polish I'm Blue For You. IBFY is a perfectly light purple crelly. But that's for another post!! The delicateness really let the glitter pop!

Did you get your hands on this limited edition duo? Leave a comment and let me know what you thought!!
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My True Love Creations ~ Polished Chrome Thermals Collection

I am so very excited to bring you this post today!! Cherise has been working on some thermal for quite some time now. She wanted to make sure she got it right and boy did she! There are 4 chrome polishes in this collection and all have a light holo dust and the same perfect formula *swoon*! We all know how much I love this brand so instead of gushing like a new mom, lets get right to the pics! WARNING: VERY PICTURE HEAVY!! First is Shot Gun Sally. This goes from a medium grey to a navy blue when cold. If you happen to like the Dallas Cowboys this polish has your name written all over it!

SGS warm

SGS cold

SGS in transition

SGS warm, cold, warm, cold. 

SGS macro warm

SGS macro cold
 Machine Gun Molly is a white chrome when warm and a silver chrome when cold.

MGM warm

MGM cold

MGM in transition

MGM cold, warm, cold, warm

MGM macro warm

MGM macro cold
 This awesome polish is Tammy Gun. This goes from a white to a bright teal! This ended up being my favorite of this set! Sorry Bella Beretta lol!

TG warm

TG cold

TG warm, cold, warm, cold

TG in transition

TG macro warm

TG macro cold
 Bella Beretta! A soft baby pink to a med pink! I thought for sure this would be my favorite because its pink. It is my second favorite but I was shocked!

BB warm

BB cold

BB warm, cold, warm, cold

BB in transition

BB macro warm

BB macro cold

Which of these Polished Chrome Thermals will you be picking up??

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