Friday, August 30, 2013

Contest entries!!

Hey ladies!! Got lots goin on right now. About to move and my bday happens to fall on the day we move (september 1st)!! So, with that said i will try my best to keep up with swatches and/or nail art. Tonights post will be quick. Just wanted to share a few manis i did to enter a contest with. Theme was pastel :) Hope you enjoy them!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cameo colours lacquers ~ neon lit nights

Hey friends :) i think i saved the best for last. This is Neon Lit Nights by Cameo Colours Lacquers. Need i say more?? No?! Well i'm gonna because again it's worth it :) this is a black jelly polish filled to the brim with neon glitters of all shapes and sizes. Stars, squares, bars, hexes!! Everything that the perfect polish should have!! I used one coat over black then topped it with top coat. I started to drool. Then while i was takin pics and having a super hard time with the glare of my top coat i decided to matte it!! I used black luna lacquer matter fact matte top coat. Its the best... EVER!! Then i was about in a puddle lol. Totally fell in love. Great formula, great polish, and the perfect mix and amount of glitter. All of this coming from a girl who cant stand black polish. I have truley been turned. Enjoy the amazingness that is neon lit nights!! :D

Monday, August 26, 2013

Cameo colours lacquers ~ not using the zed word

Hi everyone!! I am so happy to show you this polish! It is from her shaun of the dead collection and that is one of my absolute favorite movies. This polish is a multi colored micro glitter with red glitters that are a little bit bigger. I cant express enough how much i love this brand so far!!! To the pics!!!

This is one coat over black white green and pink. And last but not least..... THE GLOW!!!! I mean really!! Over black its still intense!! Enjoy :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

3 Little Monsters ~ la la loopsy collection

This brand is designed by 3 little girls whose mom owns disturbed potions!! Such a cute idea :) the theme of this set was la la loopsy. Even having 2 girls i dont know much about this doll... anywho i did swatch all of the polishes for you!! My favorite by far is of course the pink. I wanted to like the yellow one but i did have some issues. They are minis so i know they will get thick a little faster than a full size bottle but the yellow needed thinner as soon as i opened it. I liked it much more after that!! It also has heart glitter that i had issues showing because they are white and were easily lost under the yellow polish. It has a very pretty shimmer though which i couldnt capture in my pics. The blue was the same. As far as application with the pink and blue, it was a breeze. No glitter fishing and the perfect thin/thickness. Now for pics :)

L-R: Lala, Loops, Oopsy The macro bottle shot isnt color acurate but the nails are!! 2 coats over white This was 2 coats alone and i paired it with stardust polish's pink bikini!! This is 2 coats over sinful colors sweet nothing. It didnt need undies but it matched so well i couldnt help myself!! Not the best pic but i love it. Overall some great polishes!! Cant wait to try more!! Enjoy :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cameo colours lacquers ~ Hex-sea and i know it

Hey ladies!! Last week i won another giveaway on instagram!! I am not sure how i have gotten so lucky!! This one was epic. Over the next few days/weeks i will be showing you the polishes i won!! All indies :) The first one i chose to wear was a favorite of me and my husband. Hex-sea and i know it is this amazing ocean blue jelly packed with neon glitters. Green, pink, and blue hexes from very small to giant!! Some of the large green ones are transparent which adds dimention. The formula was a tiny bit thick but not enough to bother application!! These pictures are 3 coats with topcoat and no undies!! Enjoy :)

Adding some new pics since my nails are longer and i have a nice lightbox!!!! :D Did you know this polish is black light reactive?? Here is the progression from regular light, to light with black light, to just black light!! IN LOVE!!!! <3

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sparkly pattern nails

Hey ladies!! I did these for a contest on instagram. The theme is sparkly patterns. For these i used all china glaze polishes. "Glistening snow" on my pointer. The purple is "thats shore bright" and who doesnt know of "flip flop fantasy"?! Also topped with the ever so loved "fairy dust" :) enjoy!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wingin' it lacquer ~ rock-n-roll cowgirl

Hello!! This glitter bomb i got in an indie polish grab bag. Not a fan of brown really but with the gold and fuschia it worked nicely. I habe one coat here over color clubs love em leave em. One sun pic and one shade pic. Super happy with this polish. A little thick but i dont mind. Thats what thinner is for right??!! :D

Revlon ~ apricot pastry

I so badly wanted to love this polish. It is perfect for like colored glitters or a neutral background for bold glitters. Plus it smells sweet!!! But no. This took me four coats and probably still could have used another!! The smell was good though. Maybe i will give it another shot. Jelly sandwich?!?! :) until then, enjoy :)