Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sinful Colors ~ Starry Night & Rain Rubber

 Happy Saturday night ladies!! I am sitting at home bringing this post to you! Last night my husband came home from work super early and brought me home a few polishes. He grabbed me 2 Sinful Colors, Starry Night and Rain Rubber. For me, SC is always a reliable brand at a wonderful price! Not to mention how easy they are to find. My SC collection is now well over 100!! My husband always pays attention to small polish talk and oohs and ahhs as I surf through blogs and social media. So when I mentioned I needed Starry Night, he took note! He grabbed me Rain Rubber because I may have a slight obsession with texture. So, SN was an upset with the formula. It is a black cream polish with tiny holo glitters, micro pink metallic glitter, and gold holo shards. Beautiful but very thick and very streaky. I added some thinner and it helped a tiny bit but it was still not nice to work with. This is 3 thick coats with topcoat. Next time I will try one coat over black.  RR, on the other hand, was a dream to use! Two easy peasy coats with a quick dry time. The texture in this is barely noticeable compared to other SC textured polishes. It is almost identical to the texture of a rubberized joystick on a game controller. Its definitely unique but I love it!! For this mani I used both polishes together and matched it with a few blue heart studs. Check it out and enjoy!! :)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Black Dahlia Lacquer ~Blue-Green Zinnia

**I was recently emailed by the owner of BDL and she informed me that when she gave me names she forgot a key word for this polish!! It is Called Blue-Green Zinnia!!makes more sence huh!? ok, continue:)

Hello ladies :)  Today I have for you another amazing polish from Black Dahlia Lacquer. The name of this one is Blue-Green Zinnia. This actually kind of confuses me because it’s a blue polish. It is supposed to be a “subtle green holo”. I tried all kinds of lighting and it was still a light blue. So for me, I just looked at it as a gorgeous blue polish :). It applied smooth and took 3 coats to be solid on the nail. This polish is full of turquoise micro shimmer flecks and the most subtle holo dust that lightly glints in the sun. I really love these polishes so far!! Such great quality and different glitter mixes than I have seen anywhere! Check out this one I did with tiny blue bow gems! There are a lot of pics because like I said I tried lots of lighting. Enjoy friends :)

Birthday Update!

Hello friends!! I hope everyone’s holiday weekend was as good as mine was!! I will make this short but I have to tell you what my husband did! He took a week off of work and booked us 2 nights at our favorite family vacation cabins in New Hampshire! I am from Connecticut and it’s usually about a 3-4 hour trip, but to throw me off he took me the 6 hour scenic route. When we got to the cabin he finally told me we were there for 2 nights and he packed for me and everything. He also told me that he had planned this and taken a week off months ago! Like June!! There were happy birthday balloons and even a cake with candles when we walked in <3 I cannot express enough how awesome and memorable my husband made my 30th birthday!! Oh! Then, the day after we got back, he brought me to pick up a new kitten. He is 6 weeks old and all black. Perfect for me since I am a holloween freak  We named him Ash after Bruce Campbell’s character in Evil Dead. The original!!!! Anywho, up next is a post I have put on the back burner for far too long!! Thanks for reading this snipit into my life 