Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Acrylic paint design

Just wanted to share with you my first time ever trying acrylic paint on my nails. I usually dont do art cuz im not good at all. But this was cute and easy to start with!! Hope you like it!! :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013


I absolutely love this pink! Its oh cabana boy by orly!! The blue is sally hansens pacific blue!! In love :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wet n wild ~ pop art collection

Here is the super popular pop art collection!! Minus the white cuz i have lots of white lol. This whole collection is super awesome. All of them were a little thin but for $.69 a piece ill deal!! All of my pics are 3 coats. No base or top coats. Except the green. I used white as undies on my pointer and middle finger for that. My fav would have to be... ALL OF THEM :) go and get yours asap!! Enjoy :)

Polish me to go ~ summer collection 2013

Hi everyone!! Today i have the polish me to go summer 2013 collection. I really only have one word for these: AMAZING!!! I ordered these last week and had them by monday. Super fast shipping! They came in such a cute little box :) i read all the directions as it said to on the website. When i started to polish i was a little put off. Its a gritty formula. But i shook the bottle a little more and warmed it between my palms and viola!! It still has a grittiness to it but it has glow to it so its to be expected. As i kept goin i slowly was falling in love.... they are so bright and full of pigment. I love them. And even the glitters glow :) so i leave you with some pics and some advice, follow @polishmetogo on instagram and everywhere u can. Get the restock info and get some!! Go quick! They are always in hivh demand and will sell out super fast!! Enjoy the glow :D

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Maybelline ~ Pretty in polka

Hello :) today i have pretty in polka by maybelline. Glad i managed to find this. Still cant find the green :(  oh well. Ill get it eventually!!! So, as much as i love pink i still am not sure how much i like this. Its pretty and i love how bright the pink jelly is. I just find myself liking the blue way more!! I also took different pics this time. This one has 1, 2, 3, amd 4 coats from pointer to pinky. 3 Would be just fine but i have four fingers in the pic so u get the idea :)

These pics are all four coats no undies (base color). Overall this polish was the same as the blue. Pretty thick and tons of glitter. Glad i bought polish thinner. Im sure this will end up needing it!! Enjoy :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Maybelline ~ Blue marks the spot

Today we have a polish from the polka dots collection by Maybelline. I wasnt too excited by this polish until i put it on!! I kept lookin at them in the store but always just passed by. Finally my husband said "look, there are no pinks or greens left. Im gettin you the blue one!!" Now i must have the green and pink. not sure yet about the other colors. This polish is pretty thick due to the copious amounts of glitter. Three sizes of black and white hex glitter. It went on pretty smoothly as far as chunky glitter polish goes. Because its a jelly polish it took 3 coats until i reached what i wanted for opacity. What i really liked was that this polish looked the same in the bottlle as it does on my nails. Hopefully i will have more from this collection to swatch and review soon!! Enjoy :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

China glaze ~ hawaiian punch

I picked this up today and im not sure what i think. Its nice but didnt really wow me. Its a megenta leaning way red. Its got a very pretty shimmer but for me its too sheer. I used three coats in these pics and it just wasnt opaque enough for me. Its hard to see but there is still a slightly visible nail line. The formula on this polish was great. Thin but not runny. I will definitely be trying this polish a few more times

Sinful colors ~ gone platinum

Hi!!! I have another polish here i have been looking at and finally decided to get. Gone platinum is a metalic purple. It was a ONE COATER!! I always use two because i have pretty serious ocd and even numbers is a part of that. This polish went on like a dream. Sinful colors (for me) is all over the place with their formulas. Some are really thick while others run everywhere. Either way this is one of their great polishes. It is metalic so it does leave stroke marks. I havent found a metalic that doesnt :( i totally recommend this polish!! And best part, i found it for a dollar at my local dollar store!! I again added a china glaze feathered polish. I have one coat of party fowl on my ring finger and two coats on my middle finger. This wasnt as thick as the one i used over shower together. Pretty thin actually. But i love the colors. Totally different from the sally hansens fuzzy coats. Hope u like it too!!

China glaze ~ shower together

I have been wanting this polish for a while now and i finally put my foot down today!! I was so happy when i started to apply it and it had a jelly-ish finish. I see that this is considered a crelly by most but its definitely not a full creme. The teal color of this polish doesnt show very well in the bottle. Looks more blue in my opinion!! But it was opaque in two pretty thin (and kinda runny) coats. I also added a coat of flock together on the ring finger and two coats on the middle finger. Its a little thick but its so pretty. I really like this color combo. I would totally reccomend shower together. Still on the fence about these "feathered" "fuzzy" polishes... enjoy :)

I also wanna throw in this awful pic. Its from my phone so i apologize but its much more true to color than my camera would capture

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Recent buys

Last weekend i didnt post my hauls!!!! Sorry! But this weekend my polish shopping consisted of buying sets of milani 3d holographics for nail gals :) i do wanna post all my stuff from last week so u dont wonder if i lost my sales and clearance skills ;) stay tuned because i also have another bestie twin nails!! It was 50% off all clearance at sallys so i picked up a bunch of china glaze!! They also are giving a bottle of free diamond dry top coat with the purchase of 2 china glazes :) so i ended up with a few of those!! It does work on sale and clearanced china glazes so its way worth it!! There was also hand lotion clearanced to $.49! Not sure how but i got 6 bottles for $.12 a piece :D i love sallys!! After sallys we went to t.j.maxx. mostly looking for nail envy but they didnt have that. Instead they had a set of orlys that included miss conduct!! A polish i have been searching for for 6 months! Maybe more. The other polish with that was angel eyes. Pretty but eh. And last but not least i finally am going to try mixing pure acetone and glycerin. Its supposed to b much less drying to your nails and cuticles. I havent made it yet so ill keep you posted :) enjoy lovelies <3

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bestie twin nails!

So Hannah (@leftie_nails) from instagram and i decided to do bestie twin nails. She found a picture on google she liked and we went from there!! One pic is both of our nails. The others are different shots of just my nails ;) Hope you like them!! If you would like to do this find me on ig and let me know :) @jstmynails

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Random :)

These are just a few pics i took of the first mani i did with these colors. If u look close u can see the sunset in sunset!! Sunsut is the orange color on my right hand. Also a polish i won from a giveaway. That one is by black luna lacquer. Isnt it gorgous?!?! Anyways, i also put watermelon crush (which is in my past few posts) over enchanted forest. Also by black luna lacquer. The other hand is cranberry mango over china glazes snap my dragon. The colors are perfect for each other. The accent is milani 3D holographic in 3D.

Cranberry mango

This is my favorite one of all. I dont even know why but when i look at the bottle i drool. Ok, i dont drool. But im sure my mind wants me to :) this polish has bar glitter. I love bar glitter. My husband hates it. Oh well. He isnt wearing it so there!! The base of this polish is sheer. But not so sheer that u cant make it opaque. Here i have one coat on pinky. One coat over china glazes snap my dragon on the ring finger. On the middle is 2 coats and on the pointer is 2 coats over snap my dragon. LOVE LOVE LOVE. tons of glitter but not to chunky. Easy to apply and beautiful on :) totally will need a back up of this if possible!!

Watermelon crush

This polish is just nuts. Its so fulk of glitter i wasnt even sure there was any base lol!! But there is and its wonderful. It looks a little dark in the bottle but the base is sooo sheer. Im totally ok with that though because i dont want to be limited to using it alone or over just greens. This one is also very easy to apply. Its like she throws some butter into her polish batches it so smooth. Anyways, one coat alone on the pinky. One coat over china glazes tree hugger. Ring is 2 coays alone. And my pointer is 2 coats over tree hugger. I will b getting alot of use out of this polish :)