Saturday, October 12, 2013

Femme Fatale Lacquers ~ MaKayla Rose

Hello!!! I have for you a new brand to me today! It is Makayka Rose made by Cynthia of Femme Fatale Lacquers. When i first saw the bottle i was just like "eh". Didnt really wow me. Which was hugely surprising because i love me a pink/grey color combo!! Needless to say it has sat for about 2 months untried. I had just recently done a nail mail swap with the wonderful @millnrob on instagram. Mildred sent me "pussy galore". A liquid sand polish from OPI. It had eluded me for so long!!! Since its October i wanted to pair my new textured pink polish with something not so pink. Bam! This combo was born. Its so feminine :) its not totally season appropriate but it reminds me of a soft knit sweater. Does that count?! Anyways. I would have to say that so far this indie brand had the best formula i have used!!! Absolutely cant wait to swatch my other one then go buy more!!! Took a few macros of these as well so enjoy lovelies!!

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