Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Spring prom queen

This is spring prom queen by Polish Addict nail color. How pretty is this :) Laura, the owner of polish addict, sent me a runner up prize for getting the second closest guess of her polish count!! Isnt she so sweet :) its like she read my mind too because they were all wishlist polishes :) So here we have one coat alone on the pinky, one coat over white on my ring finger, 2 coats alone on my middle finger, and 2 coats over white on my pointer. All of the polishes are packed with glitter!! This one has hearts which you can see on my pointer. I had a hard time finding them. But it would be fine without. As far as tip wear goes i will probably never be helpful because i polish daily. I also am not familiar enough with glitter shapes and sizes but im workin on it. For now i leave you with these :)

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