Friday, July 19, 2013

Sinful colors ~ gone platinum

Hi!!! I have another polish here i have been looking at and finally decided to get. Gone platinum is a metalic purple. It was a ONE COATER!! I always use two because i have pretty serious ocd and even numbers is a part of that. This polish went on like a dream. Sinful colors (for me) is all over the place with their formulas. Some are really thick while others run everywhere. Either way this is one of their great polishes. It is metalic so it does leave stroke marks. I havent found a metalic that doesnt :( i totally recommend this polish!! And best part, i found it for a dollar at my local dollar store!! I again added a china glaze feathered polish. I have one coat of party fowl on my ring finger and two coats on my middle finger. This wasnt as thick as the one i used over shower together. Pretty thin actually. But i love the colors. Totally different from the sally hansens fuzzy coats. Hope u like it too!!

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