Thursday, February 12, 2015

My True Love Creations ~ St. Patrick's Day Duo

Happy Thursday friends! Weekend is almost here!! So, who here is Irish? I am not and neither is my husband but we love green! Especially this minty green I have for you tonight! When I opened my swatch package, this was the first one I grabbed. It's called Magically Mint. Such a creamy, even formula. It has the most awesome combination of blue and gold shimmers that matches this green wonderfully! I used 3 thin coats (as always lol) and a glossy topcoat. Such a beautiful medium mint green! On my accent I used the other half of this duo called Floating Charms*. 

*The glitter half of this set started out with the name Floating Charms. Some of the glitters have sunk leading to a name change, Sinking Charms, and a discounted price so make sure you grab this asap!! It is very unique!!
Sinking Charms was a very hard glitter to pair good undies with. I wanted you to be able to see the true colors of the glitters while still keeping the St. Patty's Day theme. I originally went with a cream color but it looked like camo lol. I ended up putting it over its other half, Magically Mint. Ok, let's see, this polish is a clear base that has: micro gold glitters; small grayish-mintish, green holo, and crinkled silver hexes; large black, transparent green, and transparent yellow hexes! Seriously, the use of see through glitters is awesome!!!! I love love love them! And I say crinkled silver hexes but I really am not sure if that's right lol!  They are textured almost. You will see what I mean in the macro. Its super fun!! I used 1 dabbed coat of Sinking Charms over MM with a glossy topcoat. My glitters didn't sink very much so application was pretty easy. Good formula.

These will be released on February 26th! Follow MTL on Instagram here for updates!!

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