Sunday, July 27, 2014

Black Dahlia Lacquer ~ Midnight Morning Glory

Hello again!! Lately I have run into another puddle of luck! I won my first ever nail art contest :) I was the intermediate winner with my stars and stripes mani! Here is the entry picture:

I am so excited still that I won! I definitely will have a post about that another time but speaking of luck, I also won 2 mini polishes from Black Dahlia Lacquer. The Duo behind this brand is mother, Deanna, and daughter, Aubrey! They have not even launched yet and the polishes don't even have names!! * now they have names!! And this one is Midnight Morning Glory! Midnight Morning Glory is a sapphire blue extreme holo. It is amazing! My birthday is in September and my birthstone is sapphire so I can assure you this will be on for my 30th!! Ugh... 30... at least my nails will look fabulous :) I will warn you now that there are about 30 pics from this polish! I couldn't help it! I always have a hard time capturing holo but this baby was not shy at all!! #1 has become, well, my #1 lol! Lets start with the photos from my kitchen with no light but day light!

Isn't she a stunner?!?!  On to the direct sunlight pics!!

And now for the macros!! Bottle shots:

Nail shots:

I would totally recommend keeping an eye out for this new indie brand. Follow them here on instagram, and here on facebook! All of these pics were 2 easy peasy coats with top coat. Just wait until you see the others I received! The ladies from BDL sent me 4 minis because they didn't have one that I had requested. I think I may be glad they didn't because the next polish is super unique and in my opinion a super must have!! Wait!! Did I say that they are 5 free and vegan friendly?!?! WOW :) Stay tuned :)

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