Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Black Dahlia Lacquer ~ Olaf's Snow Flowers

Hey everyone!! Tonight I have another Black Dahlia Lacquer to show you!! I was in touch with Deanna the other day and i got the names of the polishes!! This one is called Olaf's Snowflowers.  It is a white polish totally jam packed with silver and gold holo glitters in different shapes and sizes. This is supposed to be a winter polish but i would wear this every day if i could!! I only got a mini and its 3/4 gona already because i love it that much!! All of my pics are 3 thin coats and top coat. Even though this polish has a mass amount of glitter it still applied pretty smoothly. All the glitters layed flat and no holo was lost in the mix!! It also dried quickly! I really need to get this in a full sized and then a back up!! Hope you all like it just as much as i do!! :)
Oh ya!! The heart stud came in a stud wheel i received from a nail mail swap :) 
Blurry to show the holo!! I swatched this 4 times and still couldnt catch the look of how holo this really is!! I guess you just need to buy it and see for yourself ;)

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