Friday, February 1, 2019

Nailed It! ~ Flakie Breaky Heart Trio

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Hello! Are we ready for all the love inspired polishes that are coming at us this month? I have 3 fantastic ones right here! This is the Flakie Breaky Heart Trio and we are jumping right in because... HOLY PHOTOS 😮

 Don't Go Flakin' My Heart is "a white crelly with red to gold shifting shimmer, red/gold UCC flakies, pink/gold UCC flakies, and scattered holo." I'm gonna be honest. White crellies are usually not my thing. This polish, is totally my thing 😍 The color red, for anything, is always my favorite. This is one of those unique polishes that needs to be had. This will be fantastic for every season and pretty much any holiday. I haven't even said how much I love the flakies. I DO!!! My goodness this polish is perfect. Can't express enough how much you need this in your collection. OMG! I was gushing and I almost forgot that it stamps lol. Guys, FREAKING PERFECT!! This is probably best stamped over darker colors. I used 3 thin coats with glossy and matte top coats for my swatch. I stamped over a black crème. Don't Go Flakin' My Heart will be $10 USD.
Don't Go Flakin' My Heart

Don't Go Flakin' My Heart with flash
Don't Go Flakin' My Heart macro
Don't Go Flakin' My Heart macro
Don't Go Flakin' My Heart matte
Don't Go Flakin' My Heart matte macro
Don't Go Flakin' My Heart with art
Don't Go Flakin' My Heart stamped over black
Don't Go Flakin' My Heart stamped macro
Heartflake Hotel is "a berry base with a purple shimmer, scattered holo, and crystal chameleon/UCC flakies." Oh the flakies 💗 This one gets better with every coat. I almost wanted to add a 4th coat just to see the depth lol. Not only do the flakies layer up in the squishiness, the color gets richer the deeper it gets. Again, such an exquisite polish! The base is super silky. This one stamps too 😊 I would stamp over a lighter color because the base color got lost over black. I stamped over a light pink crème. I used 3 thin coats plus glossy & matte top coats for my swatches. Heartflake Hotel will be $10 USD.
Heartflake Hotel
Heartflake Hotel with flash
Heartflake Hotel macro
Heartflake Hotel matte
Heartflake Hotel matte macro
Heartflake Hotel with art
Heartflake Hotel stamped over pink
Heartflake Hotel stamped macro
Flakefest @ Tiffany's is "a purple jelly base with crystal chameleon, UCC, and rainbow flakies, gold sparks, scattered holo, and a subtle linear sparkle." Subtle linear sparkle? Ha! That's so modest. Purple lover rejoice 💜 This has everything a purple polish lover could need. Holo, flakies, glitter, shiftiness, I mean it's the smorgasbord of purple perfection! Would it surprise you to know that this polish also stamps? Didn't think so! Again, because of the jelly base, I would stick to lighter base colors when stamping. The purple totally washes out against black. I stamped over a light purple crème polish. I used 3 thin coats plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches. Flakefest @ Tiffany's will be $10 USD.
Flakefest @ Tiffany's
Flakefest @ Tiffany's with flash
Flakefest @ Tiffany's macro
Flakefest @ Tiffany's matte
Flakefest @ Tiffany's matte macro
Flakefest @ Tiffany's with art
Flakefest @ Tiffany's stamped over purple
Flakefest @ Tiffany's stamped macro
Amazing right?! I am fairly new to Nailed It! Nail Polish and I really couldn't be happier. The product is top freaking notch y'all!. I desperately need some new soap so hopefully I can grab some soon and review more than just Tiara's polish. I hear fabulous things ❤ Each polish will be $10 USD singly and $27 USD if you purchase the trio!! The Flakie Breaky Heart Trio will release on Friday, Feb 8th @ 7pm EST. Links below so please go have a look at everything there is in the shop. HAPPY FRIDAY 😆

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