Saturday, September 6, 2014

Birthday Update!

Hello friends!! I hope everyone’s holiday weekend was as good as mine was!! I will make this short but I have to tell you what my husband did! He took a week off of work and booked us 2 nights at our favorite family vacation cabins in New Hampshire! I am from Connecticut and it’s usually about a 3-4 hour trip, but to throw me off he took me the 6 hour scenic route. When we got to the cabin he finally told me we were there for 2 nights and he packed for me and everything. He also told me that he had planned this and taken a week off months ago! Like June!! There were happy birthday balloons and even a cake with candles when we walked in <3 I cannot express enough how awesome and memorable my husband made my 30th birthday!! Oh! Then, the day after we got back, he brought me to pick up a new kitten. He is 6 weeks old and all black. Perfect for me since I am a holloween freak  We named him Ash after Bruce Campbell’s character in Evil Dead. The original!!!! Anywho, up next is a post I have put on the back burner for far too long!! Thanks for reading this snipit into my life 

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